Sunday, August 12, 2012

latest project..

oh..oh..bad blogger coming.. :)

sorry for irregular i'll re-scheduled my activity..and here my latest project..

orange peach dotted

misty green stripes

paisley me

the hard challenge if you're starting your own business is you have to do it all yourself..from shopping your material..production part..QC part..promotion part..and sell your product..*huufft*

shawl vest tosca dotted

shawl vest orange dotted

shawl vest flower

shawl vest purple polka

but yess i'm happy with the result..

shawl vest senja

shawl vest peach

shawl vest anggur

shawl vest bluberi

shawl vest tutti fruti

shawl vest manggis

behind the scenes.. ;)

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