Tuesday, February 14, 2012


fake cactus..


one morning at subang..

Friday, February 3, 2012

long hair short hair..

i really love short hair..
since child until before married i always had a short hair..i just lengthen my hair for wedding photo sessions..which is useless cause after all my hair remains too thin..and it ended up with my beauty assistant give me a hat that have a big thick pad for fake my hair.. haha..

and now i've a longest hair that i ever..cause my hubby doesn't seem happy with the idea me with short hair..yeah he doesn't know ;p..that's my challenge now: to persuade my hubby, women in short hair is nice and beautifull and pretty too..and so sorry for girl in his past that make him had a wrong idea, short hair is no feminine.. ;)

problem with my hair is..i've a thin straight hair..very straight..oh i know some girls will be yelled 'oh it's the best..you stupid'..but believe me if you grow with your straight hair for twenty sumthin years y'll be realized..straight hair is same as another hair..it can be bored and it's have a mess hair day too..

so straight and so thin..so whatever cutting i had choose after several day it'll be look like Chae Rim (if i dont use wax/foam/any tools to up my hair..off course it's too bit much if i use it everyday)..*sigh*

my hair is similar to her

and if we talk 'bout short hair, believe me asian actress is the best..especially japanese and korean..oh yes emma watson pixie is good but i had that several years ago..no one new in hollywood short hair..and for some reason short cutting have a best look in asian hair..maybe the textures or colour of asian hair..i dont sure..but yeah still japanese and korean the best..

those are great..but im in love with yoon eun hye and nam sang mi short hair..

nam sang mi..

yoon eun hye..

hmm..which one best suit for me?..

dear lovers..

'international love day' is getting closer..
and forget 'bout controversy for 'it's not our tradition' and 'it's just a day u showing your love' like people in my country always spoke in time like this..the same old song..every year..blahh..

sooo..if you wanna to show your love..W H E N E VE R..not just at the 'international love day'..
yess here we go..

i found a a lovable print-out card that'll be matching for 'from your heart present'.. :D this card is so cool that it inspired by the lyrics of some love sick musicians..and the best is: it's FREEEEE.. (with the sound that adam sandler did :D )

yess those image are from the pretty blog

thanks for seven swans from this free stuff..

i'm in love with the foo fighters card..and semisonic..and band of horses too..and muse..aaahhh they're all so cool..

so what's your favorite?..