Sunday, August 12, 2012

diy fascinator..

last month i made my own fascinator..quite simple..but still love it..*off course hehe*

let's take a better look..

i used bando base because it's the easy way i can use my fascinator..u'll see it later..

and below is my behind the scene..sorry for photos..taken at night so naturally it's underlight..

i made the flower with string.. my inspiration craftedblog said she used wire..but i guess it's work only with felt..if you use saten fabric it's i choose slim string..


my base have a raised part in the center..

saten ribbon with hardener..this is the most difficult form the ribbon so it'll stay to the desired shape..

and tadaaaaa.. :)
see why i choose bando?..

hehe..luv my fascinator..

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