Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a girl in the rain..

i was bored..waiting is suck..
just like that girl..

Monday, August 15, 2011

lost my baby..

one week ago i've lost my baby..

although pregnacy wasn't planned but i've always loved my baby..11 week..and suddenly i had to lose it..i never know what's going on..

one day i was told that my baby will be fine and the next day my doctor told me that i had lost...


and after all she couldn't tell me how..i'll have to do blood test and some more to find out cause my doctor doesn't sure..just like me..

after thousands of years and God knows how many births..human still don't know how life originated..what makes 'it' decided to life and what's not..

after thousands years our knowledge was only slighty..

God, You are giving and You are taking..

i miss my baby..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


yesterday weekend i made my own pizzas from this web recipe..
they all recipes seems so easy and OH so yummy..and cause i only have a small oven, i cut one recipes into third we have 3 pizzas in -not very- small size..

2nd pizza

3rd pizza..

where's the first?..oh well..the first pizza has gone so fast so i can't take a picture.. *on our stomach off course :D*
although i've some trouble with their measurement (in indonesia we use gram or liter not cup or oz) but still google saved me..

and my hubby seems excited in weekend cooking..see a ketchup in his hand..although the oven recently opened.. :D