Thursday, July 28, 2011

miss my needle knit..

mmm..maybe i'm not a good crafter..
im just a quickly bored type person..and the bad part..once i stopped i found hard for starting again..uh-huh..

and it is like the same case..
i learn my knitting lesson 1 year ago with my friend hananinanina..but after i finishied the syal (off course for my beloved husband known now), i save my needles too..and now i lost my track..owwwwww..

fortunatelly there is i found this basic knit video.. :)

happy knitting.. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011


napsu makan lagi menggila..
yuk mari kita wisata kuliner..

guide book kuliner bandung:

dan ini inceran gw..

(buru2 nyatet id kaskus)

haha..yuk mariiiii kita makan2..hahhay..

selamat ngacai..hahhaa..


twitter @radityadika hari ini bener2 buat gw ngakak :